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RedTech Practical Workshop - Machine Learning using R Language.

Address: Plot 23, Maruti Industrial Area, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana 122015, India

Topic: Two Days Workshop on Machine Learning concepts & Implementation using R language.   Workshop Goals and Objectives: 1). R is leading language for statistical analysis, graphics representation and reporting. 2). Machine Learning gives computers the ability to learn by itself without explicitly programmed. 3). Professionals will get great knowledge on machine learning concepts with hands of experience using R language.   Expected results (training outcomes): 1). This workshop practice gives working knowledge on Machine Learning using R with use-case studies. 2). It helps students to gain initial level of hands on experience on Machine learning concepts. 3). It helps students to understand ML concepts and decide their career path in machine learning.   Outline for Day 1:   9.30 am 11.15 am o What is R o Arithmetic / Data type o Vector/ Logical Operator o Matrix / Factors o Data frame o Sorting / List   11.15 am 11.30 am Break   11.30 am 13.00 pm o What is Regression o Regression types   13.00 pm 14.00 pm Lunch   14.00 pm 15.30 pm o Implementation of Simple Linear Regression using R o Implementation of Multiple & Polynomial Regression using R   15.30 pm 16.00 pm Break 16.00 pm 17.30 pm o What is Classification o Classification types o Implementation of Logistic Classification using R   Outline for Day 2:   9.30 am 11.00 am o Classification (Continue) o Implementation of K Nearest Neighbor using R o Implementation of Decision tree classification using R   11.00 am 11.15 am o What is Clustering   11.15 am 11.30 am Break   11.30 am 13.00 pm o Clustering   13.00 pm 14.00 pm Lunch   14.00 pm 15.30 pm o Clustering types o Implementation of K-Means using R o Implementation of Hierarchical clustering using R   15.30 pm 16.00 pm Break   15.45 pm 17.00 pm o Associative Rule Learning o Apriori & Elcot Implementation using R   17.00 pm 17.30 pm o More concepts on Machine Learning & QA session.      


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