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Python Workshop| CodingZen

Address: B73, Greater Kailash I, Adj Madhuban Hotel, GD Goenka, La Petite Building, Block B, Greater Kailash I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

The CodingZen Academy offers beginner and dedicated developers with hands-on, intensive workshops in Python development as well as STEM related courses stimulating entrepreneurship and promoting creativity. Python boasts an impressive multi-dimensional utility. From websites to web applications to complex computer applications, its extensive use is evident. Following is a short list of applications written in Python: Google Appsmost of the Google applications are written in Python. YouTube PaintShop Pro, a full-fledged graphics editor for Windows Ubuntu, software platform that runs everywhere from smartphones, to tablets, to PCs Calibre, an e-book library manager. Our Mission- To provide valuable instruction from working developers - Encourage students to think big and build projects - Create a supportive coding community!  Our Vision- In line with the ideas of Digital India as well as Make in India, - we aim to make a code-literate nation - Equip the younger generation with the power to control technology - Give rise to teenpreneurs and promote StartUps The future of our world is digitalso what can be more important to a childs future than to provide a child now with a rich foundation in these integral thinking and problem solving skills that will be so valuable for success in his or her future world.  Why Coding? Students who learn to program early in life gain a deeper and more complete understanding of the logic and advanced thinking behind programming. Like learning a language early in life, learning and practicing this type of thinking early in development actually influences a childs brain as it is still developing. This is why early learners have experienced such boundless success in this field. We offer Year Long programmes, which has several modules: Each module can be done independently as well.In every course, students get hands-on development experience, working in teams to apply their training and building apps that expand their skills.     Game Development :(For ages 8-16 years) In this course, kids get to understand the basics of coding while creating their own animations, games & stories. It is easy to learn and fun to create using easy to understand logic blocks.     Website Development:(for ages 10-16 years) Our Web Development course will give kids an in-depth knowledge about how to design, develop & maintain websites & also about different aspects of web designing including typography, color theory, layout, composition, imagery.     Android App Development :(10-16 years)While making their own app kids don't have to worry about long codes. We use block-based language which transforms the complex coding into visual based blocks.     3D Printing:In this course, kids learn designing for 3D prints and also  with a special focus on pre-press, post-press, and sketching classes.     Graphic Designing:Classes towards specializations for individual applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.     Python 101:Next level programming with Core Python and also with Data Analysis and with Django module. We also provide classes for students(of 11th&12th standard) with all the computer syllabus of CBSE(C++, JAVA, RD). Let kids' imagination run wild in this introductory level which takes them into the magical world of Entrepreneurship! Happy Coding!


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