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Happiness Re-engineered with Inner Freedom

Address: D 81, Lower Ground Floor, Block D, Saket, Block D, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

Inner Freedom is a state of presence, expansion and joy that is not conditioned by outer circumstances. The experiences of unconditional freedom, joy and self-love are inherent aspects of inner freedom. This workshop is about the journey towards a permanent state of inner freedom. A state where the glue on thoughts and emotions has dissolved and you are free to experience the moment as it is, without being projected into the past or the future. A state where each moment is infinitely full of meaning and the feeling of lack is gone. What can Inner Freedom Resolve? Every aspect of our lives is controlled by our subconscious. Since Inner Freedom (IFT) reprograms the subconscious, it has the ability to bring about transformation in nearly all areas of one's life. Access past life experiences stored in subconscious memory and learn simple IFT tools to release residual energy and self-sabotaging beliefs. Identify your inner conflicts and relieve emotion trauma, painful memories and experiences to welcome positivity. Learn tools to align self with your soul's higher purpose by incorporating the wisdom gained through this workshop into your life. It is about the awareness of the root cause that what we need to acknowledge and the transformation begins! Some of the areas where IFT can help: Relationship issues Physical ailments Financial problems Fears and phobias Spiritual growth Addictive behavior Low confidence and self-esteem Insomnia and sleep disorders Issues in marriage Problems at work and business  Depression & Negative Thinking Anger, Frustration and Anxiety Finding love Resolving inner conflicts Manifesting desires Victim-hood and much more We invite you to join us for a two day self development and healing workshop to experience the bliss of true Inner Freedom. About the Facilitator: Karishma M. is the Founder of Inner Freedom, New Delhi. She has done MBA in Human Resource Management and has served in Human Resources Industry for a decade. She is a Master Instructor and Therapist at Inner Freedom. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, equipped with Advanced Hypnotic Modalities to help alleviate traumatic memories and experiences. She creates client specific therapy plans using techniques such as Past Life Therapy and Age Regression. In clarifying difficult issues, Karishma helps the participants to explore new ways of thinking, using different tools and techniques to support the shift in behaviors. She provides a safe and calm atmosphere to the participants so that he can easily explore the issues which have brought them to this stage in their lives. She miraculously combines the concepts of holistic healing and spirituality with behavioral psychology. Her workshops and personal therapy sessions have benefited many to achieve an undying state of Inner Freedom. Karishma is committed to build a community where people are able to experience their true authentic self, without the prejudice and conditioning of their outer circumstances. With Inner Freedom Initiative, she is determined to create a safe space for all the participants who come together as a soul family and support each other in their journey of self discovery. Thus, even after the workshop is over, the soul family remains connected. Regular Meetups are organized to help ensure we continue to appreciate each others growth. She continues to guide people even after the workshops are long over. Energy Exchange: Rs 9000/- + Taxes Dates: 31st March & 1st April 2018, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM  


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