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Goods and Service Tax (GST) Training Organised by KVIC under EDP

Address: Gandhi Smriti, Raj Ghat, New Delhi, Delhi 110002, India

1 Introduction to GST specifically the following conceptsDual-tax Mechanism in Indirect TaxOrigin Vs Destination Base Tax SystemConcept of Input tax creditConcept of credit as a right, time of its vesting and exercise of realization of rightthrough filing of returnsUnderstanding the concept of Reverse charge Under GST, Assessee on which it willapplicable, return and procedure under reverse chargeUnderstanding the concept of Tax Collected at source Under GST, Assessee onwhich it will applicable, return and procedure under TCSDifference Between TCS and TDS under GST as compare to Income Tax 2 Levy of GST with focus on:Levy residing in two statues CGST and SGST and working simultaneously.Levy of IGST Identification of nature of supply inter-State or Intra.-State. 3 Composition SchemeEligibility Under For composition schemeBenefit for Composition SchemeDraw back for Composition SchemeReturns and Tax payment criteria Under Composition Scheme 4 RegistrationMigration from VAT/Service Tax to GSTRegular or compositionSingle or separate for business vertical or selectively in each StateLocation of ISD registrationMulti-State or single-State (with IGST supplies)Voluntary registrationURD suppliers implications to recipientSuppliers supplying through e-commerce operators non-e com suppliesTDS and TCS registered persons 5 Concept of SupplyDefinition of supply and all 8 forms of supply, purpose of 3(1)(b) to (d)Ingredients within above definition that leads to discussion on definitionof goods, service, composite and mixed supply, Continuous Supply,taxable supply and non-taxable supply, supplier and recipient, locationof supplier and location of recipient, exempt supply and zero-ratedsupply, NIL rated supplies, "casual taxable person" and "non-residenttaxable person", export and deemed export, tax and output tax, inputtax and input tax credit, consideration and non-monetary consideration,money and voucher 6 Time of SupplyTime of supply of goodsTime of supply of Services 7 Place of Meaning of location of supplier of goods and location of recipient of goodssupply Definition of recipient with respect to supplies involving payment andsupplies not involving payment 8Return and Mismatch ConceptForm of returnDifferent form from different assesseeDue dates for All formConsequence in case of non filing of returnsRight of department in case of non filing of returnPenalty in case of non filing or late filing of return 9Payment under GSTCollection of incorrect amount / rate of GSTOmission to collect GST in invoiceInvoice to refer tax charged or omission to disclose any tax on invoiceEnsuring reversal of credit by recipient in case of credit note 10Valuation with specific focus on:Consideration versus sole considerationAbsence of consideration versus presence of non-monetaryconsiderationIngredients of section 15 and specific inclusions and exclusionsDiscount versus bad-debtsDiscount versus consideration by third party 11Refund under GSTType of refund, Forms, Period, Terms & Conditions,Term and Condition of refundCondition when department can hold the refundEligibility of refund 12Demand And RecoveryDiscussion of Applicable sectionsRight of Department in case of Demand and RecoveryRemedies in hand of assess in case of Demand and recovery 13Assessment & AuditsConcept of Regular assessment


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