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Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship by KVIC under EDP

Address: Gandhi Smriti, Raj Ghat, New Delhi, Delhi 110002, India

LEARN TO RAISE FUNDS ONLINEDigital Marketing is a new way to create impact on the market where in internet is used to reach to thecustomers, acquire and service them. It has become pervasive because it is cost-effective and hascomparatively wider reach. This course will impart the students about its basics, technologies used, defining return of Investment,design, implement an effective digital marketing campaign and how can it be used to achievethemarketing goals. Digital Marketing is the new way forward and is now becoming indispensablebecause of its benefits. Programme Objectives1. The learning will take deep dive into the key concepts and techniques of Digital Marketing. Handsonapproach ensures all the concepts are clearly understood and applied during the session. You willalso learn the ways and tips tricks to earn online. 2. After the completion of the course, the students will have complete knowledge of designing aneffective digital marketing campaign for their own business or apply it in job. 3. Students will also learn how to earn using Digital Marketing as a part time income.This course is extremely relevant for advertising and marketing professionals from junior executives tosenior management level, Housewives, retired professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, ITprofessionals, Website designers and developers, Managers etc. Even professionals with littleknowledge of IT will also be able to understand and learn the concepts. Course MethodologyInstructor led training with practical hands-on exercises, quizzes and questionnaires for betterlearning. Evaluation at the end of the training will be conducted to evaluate individual performance ofall students. COURSE COVERDigital Marketing Fundamentals: Digital Marketing, defining objectives, techniques, process andintegrating it in overall marketing strategy !Websites: Internet and websites, types of websites, Building website, domain names and hosting,planning and objective setting, integrating all engagement mediums, Practical demonstration of howbest websites are created ! Search Engine Optimization: (SEO), Three players of SEO, Major player market value, search ecosystem,Keywords planning, Website traffic planning, On Page optimization, Off Page optimization,Pros and Cons of SEO ! Social media Optimization (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram), Impact of socialmedia on all areas of business, for small business, Types of conversation, social exposure categories,Value of integrated media, social media team structure !Content Marketing: Definition and its origin, Content marketing overlapping, Effective vs Ineffective,the No-strategy penalty ! Google Adwords: PPC using Google Adwords, search engine and traffic, creating google adwordaccount and its structure !E-commerce: E-commerce and its strategy, SEO of an E-commerce website, Affiliate Marketing forE-Commerce, India and E-commerce marketing !Conversion Optimization: Conversion optimization, its benefits !E-mail marketing: E-mail, Best profitable platform, Types of E-mail Marketing, Problem and issueswith Email Marketing, its critical elements, Cyber laws, Technology of Email marketing, Aboutspamming and techniques to avoid it. ! Google Analytics: Google Analytics, Quantitative and Qualitative data, Competitor data, Customerintent, its Online and Offline use, Setting up goals, know about visitors demographic. !Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing, 3A's of Affiliate marketing, Earning $$$ as Affiliate, CPAnetwork, Product and Service marketing, Affiliate Management agencies, Merchant, Affiliate, Market &Customer, Sell products through other website, Commission based Lead generation !Google Adsense: Adsense, get approval of Adsense, Do's and Don't's of Adsense approval, Placingads on your blog or websites, Top 10 alternative Ads websites !Build your portfolio online: Quickly build portfolio, Finding clients really fast, Marketing yourself,Build your own website for free. ! Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing, Cost of missing mobile, Mobile Marketing Vs Advertising, Whoneeds mobile marketing, Mobiles Role in Marketing, Mobile and other digital channels !Earn online: Tips and Tricks to earn money online, crowd funding, adsense !Entrepreneurship Development session: Learn how to set up own business !Lead Generation: Understanding Lead generation and its importance, Landing Pages, LeadGeneration strategy ! Online Advertising: Understanding online advertising, its types, Display and Contextual Advertising,tracking and measuring ROI of online advertising !Soft Skills required to excel at workplace or your business !Short Summary How to Setup a Website/Blog, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense &How Earn Money work as a freelancer, How to grow your business & Lead Generation


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