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Be Certified MS Excel Professional by Edu4Sure

Address: B 61, Block B, Sector 67, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307, India

 Let's learn Excel and be efficient in working. Get certified and improve chances to crack exams on Excel. Save your time by learning from MOS and get the certificate after completion of the workshop. Excel is used in day to day activities but many of us do not know How its power can be utilized in their work The trainer claims a 100% refund in case you do not find it valuable so what are you waiting for?  Trainer Havish Madhvapaty (Co-Founder at Decode) is a doctoral student and a Microsoft Office Specialist Master. He is the author of 5 books (4 on analytics) and is a contributor to the global Microsoft community on MS Excel. TOPICS TO BE COVERED SECTION NAME FUNCTION / TECHNIQUE WORKSHEET OPERATIONS RibbonQATAlt KeyTipsEssential ShortcutsCustom Tabs RANGE Define Range NamesName ManagerDefine Constants$ sign for Absolute, Relative and Mixed ReferencingCreate links between closed workbooks DATA CLEANING Extract day from the dateClean date, time and numbersDetect blank, hard-coded, formula drivenFill intermittent cellsMachine learning using FlashFill SORT AND FILTER Custom Sort Multiple filters on one sheetShortcuts to create tableAdvanced FiltersCreating Structured References with TablesUsing SUBTOTAL and AGGREGATE FORMULAS AND FUNCTIONS Formula StructureFunction Argument boxSee formula textBasic Functions:SUM, AVERAGE, COUNTBLANK, COUNT NUMBERS, COUNT TEXT, COUNT ALL, MAX, MINAdvanced Functions:SUMPRODUCT, ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWNGet closest perfect divisor MROUNDIgnore errors and Hidden Rows / Find calculation from the filtered list:Find specific error types / text / numeric etc.Auto vs Manual calculations REFERENCING Linking cells between worksheets SUMIFS AND COUNTIFS SUMIFS with 2 criteriaSUMIFS with range logic (E.g. from-to date)Using SUMIFS to calculate running cumulative total based on any primary keySUMIFS vs. AVERAGEIFSUsing COUNTIFS to calculate running count based on any primary key. E.g. 1st, 2nd 3rd-time occurrences of any key IF IF with multiple AND OR OperatorsUsing Array alternatives DATE AND TIME Separate elements using DAY, MONTH, YEARGet complete date using DATEEDATE Calculating expiry date. E.g. 3 months contractEOMONTH Calculating 10th of next month for due dates.NETWORKDAYS.INTL, WORKDAY.INTL | Custom date formatsIgnore weekendsCreate employee timesheet including OvertimeSumming up hoursCreating a dynamic payment period TEXT LEFT, RIGHT, MID Extract characters from a cell | TRIM, SUBSTITUTE Cleaning data of a cellPROPER, UPPER, LOWER -  Change case of the text | CONCATENATE vs & - Joining stringsSeparating First Name, Middle Name, Last NameRemoving titles from Names PIVOT TABLES Basics | Essential Setting (Classic View)Date Grouping | Move column field headings to the right/leftCalculating Count, Sum, %Color-scales based Conditional Formatting (Heat Map)Sparklines (in-cell trendline chart)Slicer (user-driven filter)PivotChart ShortcutCreating 100s of worksheets in seconds LOOKUP Overview of different forms of Lookup (use-case) 1D exact, slabs-based, 2D, reverse, fuzzyVLOOKUP with TRUE - doesn't mean approximate matchVLOOKUP with TRUE vs. complex Nested IF statementsVLOOKUP with MATCH for 2D lookup | Reverse Lookup with INDEX and MATCHFuzzy Lookup for similar names with spelling variations.Overview OFFSET | LOOKUP for case sensitive matches | LOOKUP with data array inside the formula  


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