Unofficing a coworking space

Unofficing a coworking space

Working from home was too lonely for Maira, a 35 year old freelancer graphic designer who recently moved to Delhi. She tried working in a few cafes but it was too distracting. So, she called up a friend and they joined a community drop of an office space, a new and growing work arrangement called coworking.

‘This is more like something in between home and office, like debunking the traditional image of that cubical office’, said Maira sitting in her homelike workspace.
“I see people creating their own identities here. A vibe is added to the office in form of an eccentric design- a little mix of funky industrial lofts to sleeker sites with a more corporate ambience, does the task. It must feel like an entirely new dimension. Coffee machine, plush chairs and an exciting completely transformed workplace!”

A collaborative work table, large rooms with desk, separate team cabins and a living-room area with beat-up couches, gaming zone, cafeteria, library and a gym; can you sense the illusion — this blurring lines between work, home, and social life? It’s all about staying relaxed not letting the little troubles take over you. The NAP Room, the rock climbing area and the area with 1500 emoticons #aboardoffices. How cool is it to have a dedicated rock climbing area in your office? Well, that’s not very common! But you get the point. Often times there is some soft music playing in the background. Some prefer songs of 90’ playing casually to keep the ambience lit while others enjoy gentle western music.

Alas! The right proportion of walls in cheerful mix of the green, red, yellows and pink, those inspirational posters and the slogans of “create your life work” or “frugality” does the task for most of the coworkers.

I am standing there admiring the office when people began trickling in. Between quietly typing on their laptops, I hear a guy speaking about the annoyances of working alone, “My cat becomes really friendly whenever I have a client at home; I often find it sitting on his lap”. Fellow coworkers occasionally stop working and start tossing suggestions to other coworkers on how to effectively handle non-core tasks or discuss latest startups and ideas. Others pick up an indoor game to boost up the focus.

Coworking appeals as a way to create an office that is as much about sociability as productivity. So you might just be working with your future co- founders! I find this setup precisely Unoffice-like. Try it out yourself.

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Coworking spaces — very un-office like, in a good way!