Signs you might be in love with coworking

Signs you might be in love with coworking

Have you ever felt trapped in the work you are doing and you think your life isn’t going the way you planned? That’s because you haven’t found your work (soul) mate yet - COWORKING. Still figuring out reasons to fall in love with it? You must check out these points.

Loving the Startup Mania- My life, My rules!

If you want to be the boss of your own life and love the idea of starting your own business, you might just be in luck! The Startup fever has taken over the world and Coworking is making it possible. Thanks to the availability of online resources, small budgets, networking and the fast turnover rate for tech startups, creating a business from scratch can happen with the blink of an eye only if you are ready to flirt with the shared office space trend. So cummon comrades! All you need is an idea. Put your lazy mind to work. You can be our next desi Mark Zuckerberg!

Desire for Lower Costs.
If you believe that buying big offices will cause you hair loss and the lease as high as Burj Khalifa will leave you constantly visit your doctor for high blood pressure, you my friend should start living with the fact that you are secretly in love with the idea of shared offices. Don’t live in the denial mood. Lower cost is all you desire and coworking is your cure.

Darling Fewer Responsibilities
What is your better half for? To share your responsibilities! Who will have to take care of things like cleaning and maintenance when you are working at a shared office? Let your better half (the coworking space) worry about most of the annoying tasks and responsibilities. No more worrying about filling the coffee pot at your office over and over again! Sit and enjoy!

Dearest Smaller Commitments
Are you a sucker for modern non conventional romance and you don’t want to be judged and committed all the time? You for sure are breaking your boundaries of romantic notion through an idea of shared office space, when it’s your land maintenance that takes away what’s best in you by covering periods of several years leaving you occupied and confused. But you knew kinda love for “Shared offices” can reduce these leases to a monthly, daily, or hourly . If you need changes often then no need of heartbreak and headaches. Move wherever you want whenever you want as your business grows.

Adoring Networking Opportunities.
If you have a weak spot for meeting people from all walks of life coworking is your beloved. Artists , Engineers ,Lawyers, Architects all under one roof. It’s a perfect place to meet new people in the professional world, and expand your company’s reach. You might just happen to meet your next graphic designer there; it surely is better than scrolling through pages of documented bio of a potential candidate. Shh! you’ll interview him secretly and he would never know!

Attachment with the Urban Landscapes
If you are attracted to the hustle bustle of the city life and that rhythm which never gets dull, the people who never sleeps, the charm of the shopping stores, restaurants and parks, then you should definitely cowork here #Aboard offices ! Coworking spaces usually occupy the heart of urban centers, making them a perfect fit in your dream locations. Centrally located, one can either walk to work easily or use the opportunity to explore more of their city.