Offices as we like them!

Offices as we like them!

When people ask you about work, your mind will be cluttered with the thoughts of excess work load, two-hour commutes, dreary and enclosed cubicles, narrow minded workplace politics and sickeningly crowded coffeepots. Wouldn’t it be great, if we could just replace the rush hour travel with quality time spent on family and friends? What if an entrepreneur takes control of his life and starts working from the office that feels like home? Have a look at this beautiful coworking space.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a workplace like this! You want your office to feel like home but if it’s vice versa it’s going to raise some problems; a very fine line that exists between personal and professional life, dissolves.

Distractions like faulty wifi and fridge, untidy couch, mom's chores, cousins and more cousins prowl everywhere. But the biggest problem is still there. The problem of ISOLATION: Without the community, entrepreneurs and freelancers feel unmotivated and lonely. Nobody wants that. Surely You don't! Coworking therefore brings mentorship, networking, expert sessions and investor meet-ups at one single place.

So let us begin with the fact that your decision of staying at home and working is not really working. As phoney as it may sound, we may actually need the office, despite its reputation as a soul-sucking pit of conformity and monotony. With no offence to the corporate office evangelists there is nothing magical about that traditional image of workplace and sitting in-front of a computer with limited interactions and dull monotonous routine.

Here comes the genius of Brad Neurberg who is credited with starting the coworking movement. “It seemed I could either have a job, which would give me structure and community,” he said, “or I could be freelance and have freedom and independence. Why couldn’t I have both?” So he created the word - COWORKING, eliminating the hyphen and thus revolutionised the way how startups operate. Check out the rooftop delightful open desks pioneered by Innov8 at Koramangla, Bangalore.

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment in the form of shared office space. Unlike a typical office environment, those coworkers are usually not employed by the same organisation. Referring to the “four pillars of coworking”—openness, community, sustainability, and most importantly, collaboration, coworking enthusiasts believe that they have it all. They even have a term for the spontaneous networking and teamwork that their new coworkers provide: “ACCELERATED SERENDIPITY.”

Accelerate serendipity? That sounds way more appealing than networking. Because with serendipity, which actually means that connections will automatically happen; nobody forces you –the phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for- so not forcing a connection the way networking can sometimes seem. That’s all most startups need while working on something new.

Basically it’s a win-win for all start up entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals. Share one big office space within budget with perks that we might not get at home, such as conference/meeting rooms, espresso machines, AC, Locker, Wi-Fi, Gym and networking opportunities. I am sure everyone is interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who value working in the same place alongside each other.

So, Pay attention entrepreneurs! Half of the startup world is already here! Pack your bags already. Think to yourself- I am old fashioned, hmmmm(longest pause) . Not anymore! Coworking here I come!

I urged people to steal the idea,” Neuberg’s says. From there it has come a long way, a very long way indeed covering the West East gap to reach India. Expected to engage one million people globally by 2018. How could it miss on a country with over a billion people and one of the most happening startup ecosystem? New coworking spaces have began to pitch in Delhi/NCR , Bangalore, Pune , Mumbai. The likes of Innov8, Awfis, CoWrks, 91springboard and Skootr have opened up the stage for innovation with hundreds of others following the suite. And we at Aboard Offices are here to help you in choosing between these variety of coworking space depending upon your needs and aspirations.

Coworking for sure is the most trendy cat in town!